hitman 2

Year: 2018

Platform: Windows, Steam, XBox One, PlayStation 4

Genre: Stealth

Publisher: Warner Bros, Interactive Entertainment

Developer: IO Interactive

Notes: Hitman 2 is a stealth game where you play as an assassin, completing missions - hits - at locations around the world. One of the locations is Hawke’s Bay, where you have to sneak into an upscale bach and poison someone’s nightcap.

Early reports of the game indicate that the Hawke’s Bay level is not the most nuanced, but some kiwi accents, waka hoe (paddle), and even some Te Reo indicates some efforts at inclusion which make sense, without resorting to stereotypes or violent portrayals of culture.

Overall Rating: Māori inclusion in this game doesn’t seem to be overly impactful - either in a positive or a negative way. Play on, stealth friends!