Wi Te Manewha worked with other Rangatira to maintain control of the Wellington coastline.  He was one of the few Rangatira that did not convert to Christianity.  Pākehā artists and museums benefited from using Wi Te Manewha's lifemask to create wax models for display and profit.

Wi Te Manewha spent much of his life in the Otaki region, his home when he passed away:

Wi te manewha

Ingoa/Name:  Wi Te Manewha, Wiremu Kingi Te Manewha

Iwi/Tribe:  Ngāti Raukawa, Ngāti Roroki, Ngāti Hahoro

Rohe/Region:  Waikato

Marae/Meeting House:  Unknown 

Kaiwhakaahua/Photographer:  Unknown, possibly Samuel Carnell

DOB/DOD:  ? - 16 November 1891

Burke Record Number:  9.2L406

Other Kaitiaki of this Rangatira: