Paora Tuhaere was the Rangatira of the Ngāti Whātua iwi.  His accomplishments include setting up a Māori parliament in Orakei, and campaigning for Tino Rangatiratanga.  As a mediator between Tangata Whenua and the Crown, he worked to reconcile the Kīngitanga movement, and was elected to a national committee to lobby the Crown for Māori well-being.

Paora tuhaere

Ingoa/Name:  Paora Tuhaere

Iwi/Tribe:  Ngāti Whātua

Rohe/Region:  Orakei

Marae/Meeting House: Unknown

Kaiwhakaahua/Photographer:  William Pulman, circa 1875

DOB/DOD:  1825 - March 12 1892

Burke Record Number:  9.2L238

Other Kaitiaki of this Rangatira:

Rohe:  Orakei